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On Wings and nucks

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Good to see the blackhawks lose in regulation, hard to root for the Pens but root I did last night. Another game at hand without them picking up a point, thats the way I like it.

Jimmy Howard will be in goal again, hope he doesnt wear out before the post season, but wow has he been amazing. The last couple of years the Wings won dispite him, this season he has come into his own and has at times carried the team. He kept us in the game against the oilers the other night until the skill players took over in the third and put the game away. Good to see Cleary getting it together, that third line of cleary, helm and Miller needs to be left alone, they are clicking.
Both Vancouver and detroit are clicking, expect both to bring their 'A' game tonight, should be a fun one. I hate these west coast trips, hard on the fans and the players alike. i know it is cliche but I think this game will be decided between the pipes and by special teams. Whoever wins expect a very skilled, entertaining game.
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