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To deal or not to deal

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A week to go, decision time is here. Best record in hockey, slowly pulling away from the Blues, eyeballing the nucks for the conference crown, go with what we have or make a deal?
We need one more solid forward, period. I LOVE the Miller, Abdelkader and Helm line, never been a Abdelkader fan but these three have something. They really should be a fourth line though, trading for Derek Roy from buffalo or Vanek makes the most sense. Either one could likely be had for Nyquist and/or a package of picks, and neither I feel would hurt chemistry. Roy would be like when we dealt for Robert Lang, a solid veteran center who can play anywhere from lines one through three. He is my first choice of all forwards out there.
Part of me wants to say add a depth defensemen, Commodore is terrible and if we have an injury over a long postseason run could kill us, but when you look at the returns for Gill and Kubina you have to wonder if it worth it. Sotrade for Roy, if a depth d-man falls in our lap take him and roll the dice.
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