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After their Stanley Cup Victory last June the Boston Bruins racked up a whopping $156,000 bar tab in just one of their many celebrations, that seemingly didn't stop until sometime in early November. Now you can add a Miller Lite to that tab, a 180lb soaking wet Ryan Miller to be exact. Saturday night Ryan Miller of the Sabres came way out of his net to play a puck and after clearing it was subsequently steamrolled by the much larger Milan Lucic, causing Miller to suffer a concussion. Lucic received a 2 minute minor on the play, and after todays hearing with Brendan Shanahan it was deemed that there was no intent on the part of Lucic.
Taken on it's own this doesn't seem like to much of a big deal, things happen and intent is hard to judge most of the time, but when you take into account that the league was supposed to be cracking down on blatant cheapshots and there have been atleast 3 egregious such hits dished out by the Bruins in the last Calendar year this one stinks to high heaven, or that could just be the stench of each and every transgression from the Bruins rotting away as the league continues to sweep them under the rug.

March 8th 2011:
Zdeno Chara runs Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty face first into the stanchion between the benches in a gruesome scene that very easily could have ended his career.
No intent

June 6th 2011:
Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals, Vancouver Canucks dman Aaron Rome steps up and drills Boston Bruins forward Nathan Horton, shoulder to chest as he's coming over the blue line admiring his pass. Horton dropped to the ice and lay unconscious for several seconds before being stretchered of the ice.
Aaron Rome 4 games, the rest of the finals... which is figured to be the equivalent of about 10 regular games. (nhl playoff record)

June 13th 2011:
Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals, Vancouver Canucks forward Mason Raymond loses an edge and stumbles into a Vulnerable position and is driven into the boards by Boston Bruins dman Johnny Boychuk.
Raymond suffered a broken back and has just recently resumed skating.
No penalty on the play and no suspension.

These are the three most recent glaring examples that the Bruins have been involved in and if you'll notice, no suspensions were given out when they were the ones offending, yet when something comes the other way they scream bloody murder and get their way.

Maybe it's all coincidence, or maybe it's just us 'hated' Canuck fans being whiners for pointing these things out, or maybe... just maybe, there's something more going on here that needs to be looked at more closely.

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