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Buffalo, NY • United States • 28 Years Old • Male
I've learned this past week that doing yard work during a Sabres game CAN be accomplished. I had mowed my lawn the day before and I was too lazy to pick up the piles of grass that the mower had thrown across my lawn. It was the end of the first intermission of Game 1 between the Sabres and Senators when I chose to go out and rake and pick up the grass, trying to make it back before the 2nd period started.

Well, I quickly learned that I didn't make it back for the start of the 2nd period, and suddenly as I was picking up the last pile of grass I learned that I didn't make it back for a Sabres goal. My neighborhood erupted! It was like everyone was singing the same note of a song at the same time. "WOOOOOOOOO!"

So if you have some work to do outside and no media outlet to listen/watch the game while doing the work, no problem. Your Buffalo neighbors will let you know if anything happens.
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