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Last night the Habs(16-20-7) lost 2-1 to the Bruins(28-11-1) but that wasn't the main story. less than 24 hours after Mike Cammalleri called the team a bunch of "Losers" he was nowhere to be seen in the 3rd period, the commentators thought he might have been injured. Then tweets from Dave stubbs, Mckenzie, Duthie said possibility that Cammalleri could have been traded.

More tweets rolled in claming Cammalleri was sent back to the team hotel.. but the team was already packed and going to head back to Montreal right after the game. It was comfirmed that Cammalleri was traded but no one knew where to.

Then news came in that he was dealt to Calgary along with Karri ramo and a 5th round pick for Rene Bourque a 2013 2nd round pick and Patrick holland(9th in WHL scoring with 57 points in 40 games).

Time to breakdown the trade..

Player vs Player

Cammalleri is posting 9 goals and 13 assists for 22 points in 38 games.

Bourque is posting 13 goals 3 assists for 16 points in 38 games.

Theres no doubt about it Cammalleri has more skill than Bourque but Cammalleri just couldn't get things going in Montreal except for the wonderful playoff run. Bob Mckenzie breaks down the goal totals for the past 3 seasons for each player.

Okay, but let's factor in Cammalleri's 39-goal zenith in 08-09. He is, after all, returning to the scene of the crime. In his last three-plus seasons, Cammalleri has 93 goals in 250 games for GPG average of .37. Not too shabby.

But Bourque's numbers in that time are still pretty good, too. He has 88 goals in 249 games, for a GPG average of .35. Or more simply put, in one extra game in that time, Cammalleri has just five more goals than Bourque.

With Cammalleri returning to calgary where he scored 39 goals in my opinion his offensive output is going no where but up.

This section goes to the proven playoff sniper Cammalleri


Cammalleri's avg cap hit is 6 million

Bourque's avg cap hit is 3.33 million

In two-plus seasons as a Canadien, Cammalleri has 54 goals in 169 regular season games. A goal-per-game average of .32.

In the exact same time period with the Flames, Bourque has 67 goals in 191 games. That's 13 more goals in 22 more games, or a goal-per-game average of .35, .03 better than Cammalleri.

Bourque costs 2.7 million yearly less than Cammalleri. A lot of people are overlooking this part of the deal, this trade gives montreal 8 million (Approx) to use at the deadline without using LTIR money.

On the other hand Calgary is using their LTIR and will need to free up 2.2 million when injured players return to the lineup.

The Winner of this is clearly Montreal


Karri Ramo decided to play in the KHL and is posting a 9.27 SV% and a 1.97 GAA with Omsk Avangard

Patrick Holland sits at 9th in WHL scoring with 17 goals and 40 assists for 57 points in 40 games.

Karri Ramo has the potential to be a number 1 Nhl goalie. Calgary is looking for someone to replace kipper because lets face it he isn't getting any younger.

Montreal losing Ramo doesn't really matter that much because he probably would never get playing time.

Calgary losing Holland who could end up being a good 3rd, 4th liner isn't someone Calgary doesn't want to lose, the team is older than it is young and need all the youth they can get.

Im giving this one to Montreal just because of the sole fact Ramo was never going to get played and Calgary needs any youth they can get at the moment.

Draft picks.

Montreal gets a 2nd round pick in 2013.

Calgary gets a 5th round pick in 2012.

The winner is Montreal.

So to summ up Calgary gets the more skilled player and Montreal gets the smaller contract, better prospect and the better draft pick.

In my opinion this trade is going to be one of those trades which works out well for both teams. A clutch playoff performer for Calgary trying to make it to the playoffs for the first time since Cammy left. Montreal adds some size, young prospect and a 2nd round pick.

Thanks for Reading.
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