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The "Habs" lost 3-1 to Buffalo Tuesday night. So do you want the bad news or the good news? How about both...

Good News
Now it's hard for anything good coming out of that game but there was a couple things I liked.

Carey Price
Played amazing tonight making 37 saves on 39 shots but once again overpaid players who can't score and lack of effort made us lose. I know Price says he wants to stay here but I feel bad for him don't you? Personally I want Price to win a cup sad thing is I don't think he can with Montreal.

This is the only line that looks like it gives a sh*t when were losing. This line night in and night out is the only line scoring...Look at their salaray's.

Lots of solid hard hits. Critical blocked shot to save a goal. He also comes with two knees

Bad News

GOMEZ SCORED a year ago this saturday....($7,357,143)
To his credit hes skating hard, making the easy plays, solid passes but that doesn't cut it. Want to be known as a good habs player? Fly a plane through the bermuda triangle and don't come back.

Body language tells all. Hes frustrated and he can't get things going, I like Plecky but hes just gotta show a little effort.

That empty net goal... what the **** was that? You're playing for the most storied franchise in the NHL you're down by a goal and are 8 points out of a playoff spot. YOU give all you have for the time you're out there you DON'T let Kaleta beat all of you to the puck and score the empty net goal.

Now do you see why Price doesn't want to leave the net?

Score some goals

Want to win? You need to score....

How do you go from scoring 7 goals against one of if not the best team in the NHL right now... to scoring 1 lousy goal against Buffalo. Man i wish Price could score hes probably gunna score before Gomez.

Randy Cunneyworth wont have a job. Hes put in a impossible situation and then all this french crap, the only way hes gunna keep the job is if the habs make the playoffs(Maybe I'll win a 100million bucks to).

Oh and just incase you're wondering Cammalleri is cold (0 pts in last 4 GP).

Also see Price after the second goal? He knew the game was over right away.

Next up The Devils on Thursday 7:00pm

* Watch this video and you can see the frustration and some very classy remarks from Paul Gaustad....pure class

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