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Why are we waiting?

Posted 8:24 PM ET | Comments 0
So last Friday I was checking out the weekend schedule and I thought, "Great, Saturday in May must mean playoff hockey on Saturday night".

Oops, no. The 2,000,000 or so perceived hockey fans in the US say the 20,000,000 fans in Canada had to watch hockey on Saturday afternoon. Ok, it's the third round, whatever. Good game, nice OT, Ottawa wins.

Oh, you missed that in the US? Ottawa won on a seeing eye shot during a one one three rush. How did you miss it? It was right there on TV. Oh right. Well hey, Curlin' was named after the another Canadian sport right?

So now it is Friday again. This time its the finals. There HAS to be hockey on Saturday night! I mean, there is a Canadian team in the finals and everything.

Ah but no. Denied again. Apparently after having hockey non-stop for 8 months we have to stretch it out a little longer. All so we can have that pivotal, heart-wrenching, fan-appealing game 7 on that oh so traditional hockey night of Monday.

Nice work people. Start the series tomorrow and you get 3 Saturday evening games including game 7.

Who is running this show anyway?
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