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Disaster in Detroit

Posted 9:38 PM ET | Comments 3
The Flames have done themselves no favors as they now head into game 6 on Sunday down a game and on the brink of elimination. The Flames started off game 5 fairly well and even outshot the Red Wings for most of the first period. But, it was a second period special teams disaster that marked the beginning of the end for Calgary. Dan Cleary roofed a penalty shot during a Flames powerplay (which was abysmal to say the very least) to start off the scoring early in the second, and that was soon followed by a power play goal by Henrik Zetterberg. Just to rub some salt in the wounds of an already lackluster powerplay, the leagues oldest player, Chris Chelios went top corner on Miikka Kipprusoff for a shorthanded goal, Chelios' first goal of the entire year. Although the Flames scored a shorthanded goal of their own to avoid being shutout and completely embarrassed, this game was a complete meltdown. With Kipprusoff pulled, Jamie Mclennan used all 18 seconds of his ice time to take a completely unnecessary and classless slashing penalty, which will obviously be reviewed by the league and he will justly be served a suspension. I don't know what the deal is with this Jekyll and Hyde home and away team, but if the Flames want to win this series they will have to be as good at home as always, and then somehow steal a win in Detroit on Tuesday. Now, many fans are tight lipped about the incident that occured, but not this fan. A homer i am not, i do not drink the flaming red kool-aid. It was a disgrace to this team, this city, the NHL and professional sports in general. There is no room for that kind of nonsense in the game. McLennan was never known as a dirty player, rather one of the most inspirational players in the league, and an overall classy guy. But players that are privelaged enough to play professional sports have no business acting like that. You played awful, and you lost. Now deal with it like grown men. You've just proven that you don't deserve to win. You let your fans down, and you let yourselves down. We can deal with a loss, thats hockey. But that kind of crap, I personally do not have time for.
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April 21, 2007 9:47 PM ET | Delete
I wished I could figure out what the problem is with this team on the road but I guess there going to do it hard way here we go tomorrow and maybe tues but not they can only blame themselves.Flametr
April 21, 2007 11:01 PM ET | Delete
I feel bad for good hockey fans like yourself who feel they need to answer for their team's behavior. Here's to hoping the Flames shake their collective heads and win game six and at the same time restore some of their honor. (Despite this, I still dislike Detroit more...) Good Luck!
April 22, 2007 10:46 AM ET | Delete
Your backup golaie is a chump. Nice job!When will Playfair bite the dust for failure to win on the road?Ditto Nashville-- as sass at home, no ass on the road.
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