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just got off the train and walked one block to the bus station and now I'm heading to the Coliseum. by the time we got to Hempstead, not many people on the train still remained -- most being SABRES FANS, which was amusing, to say the least. on the bus right now, several more. we are packing the arena!

just got into the arena ... testing it out AND I HAVE WIFI LOL. Quite possibly the funniest thing ever. Anyway, I got off the bus and there was a small crowd of Sabres fans walking from the bus stop to the arena across the street. Lots of traffic coming in and when some of the cars saw us, they broke out into the "Let's go Buffalo" honking, which was awesome. Others caught on. Also called "hicks" by some Islanders fans ... but let's be serious, this arena is in the middle of nowhere. I heard this game wasn't completely sold out either, and my knee-jerk reaction: "PLAYOFF GAME? NOT SOLD OUT??? WHAT IS THIS?!" I only have two and a half hours of battery life, so let's see how well this sucker holds up.

uh oh, buffalo fans getting booed here
guys sitting next to me are sabres fans, at least
still lots of empty seats.
lol "let's go buffalo" cheer already starting up in section 320, hot.

2-1, sabres. crazy.

end of 1st, 2-2 tie, Isles go up with another PP goal. DP is a real scrambler. gets to the pucks very fast, but he just never looks like he's in position. Seriously, we have got to stay out of the penalty box. the back-to-back penalties really hurt. defence has to tighten up, there's a lot of room and we're letting them skate right in. our puck possession in their zone has been great, with tons of steals and relatively clean passes, but the sabres are having difficulty really getting close on net. all the passes and steals are towards the outside.

the current cheer apparently is "Let's Go Islanders! ... Buffalo blows."

the back-to-back sabres goals were amazing. every time we do have it in the isles' end, there is always a great chance on net.

internet's dying a bit, 2nd period is starting soon. i hope we keep it in their end a bit more.

PP is the name of the game tonight
I say at least one fight by the time this night is over

great play at the end of the period during the PK. apparently, fans are still on the "if he falls, there must be a penalty" kind of logic.

by the way, the ice girls ARE rather ridiculous.

player report: pominville and hecht are rather quiet.

lolz, i just got made fun of for my laptop. "do yer homewerk laytah"

throwing poop on ice again
pominville's goal was SWEET
1 minute left.

sitting at the Hempstead station right now (I'm not completely sure how to get back ...). After the disqualified Islanders' goal and then Pominville's goal, the Isles fans left in masses, so for the last minute of play, I moved up several rows and cheered very loudly without fear

So there were less Sabres fans than I thought would be there. My section was definitely dominated by jersey-wearing Isles fans. The guy next to me was there with his friend and luckily he was a Sabres fan.

LOL I'm sitting at the train station and they're doing the "Sabres on the warpath" cheer. Fantastic. Most Sabres fans seem to have come from the city, so while most Isles fans left by car, the LI bus and railroad are 90% Sabres fans.

I also think I got a glimpse of Garth, if he was sitting in the press box between 318-319. Wicked glasses, dressed in a suit, long hair, maybe mid 50s. Perhaps!

All right, I'm going to put this sucker away.

- J
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I took the liberty of correcting the typo in the title -- Hope you don't mind.:-)
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hmm wonder where you got this idea from? haha jk. great job! great game! hope you enjoyed it.
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