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A wise man once told me that history is bound to repeat itself. This is the main reason why many Leaf fans have stayed loyal. For us, the loyal Blue and White army, we still believe history has proven we will move back into supremacy. Now I'm not here to begin blowing the horn of victory just yet. But, the masked men in between the pipes have begun to show us the capability of this team when it is confident in their goaltender.

The Leafs like any other team are only at their best when they have a solid goaltender in net. For almost a decade the Leafs have been scouring the NHL searching for an answer in goal. Well when it rains it pours Leafs Nation. Now we have an argument at every Tim Horton's and near every water cooler who the better goalie is. The Leafs more than a decade ago were blessed with back to back superstars in net and where coached by a hard nosed, old school, line matching, well respected coach. The same could be said 20 years ago with the Leafs of the early to mid 90's.

The Maple Leafs once again are stable in net. It seems that for the leafs every 7-10 years they are able to find the correct mix to ice a competitive team. Of all the elements that repeat themselves when the Leafs are competitive, it is the quality of goaltending that is always the x-factor for the Blue and White. The Leafs unlike other teams in the NHL have never won a Stanley Cup without a star in the webbed wigwams (thanks Mr. Bowen). Whether it be Bower, Sawchuck, or Plante, the Leafs have needed an elite goaltender to hoist the mug.

The Leafs now have two goalies ready to grab the reigns and push this team into the promise land. Are Reimer or Bernier the reincarnation of either Bower or Sawchuk? If they are the leafs will have the makings of a team ready to compete a lot sooner than expected. If history is correct. Don't fret Leaf fans the Renaissance has just begun and the Dark Ages have subsided. We can now only hope that the Leafs future is the Silver Age of Lord Stanley.


I am very surprised at the ignorance of much of the media over the constant talk of the apparent "depth issue" the Maple Leafs have. The leafs have had many line-up issues and have been constantly tinkering and sending in call-ups from the farm team. With Clarkson, Kulemin, Fraser, and now JVR out the Marlies have been more than adequate in helping the Leafs to the Top of the NHL standings. So the Leafs have depth issues, OH REALLY!!! I love how when it comes to the Senators and Canadiens the media gushes all over their depth. Yet, they fail to remember that their youth are their main weapons and that they do not have up and coming depth as they have already tapped that well. The Leafs top 9 are already developed and are proven NHLer's. The leafs have drafted amazingly well over the tenure of Burke and Nonis and are loaded with Depth. Excuse me for sounding like a homer but the Marlies have proved the depth of the organization over the last three years, as have our OHL, European, and College prospects.
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