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It looks like my man Giroux is going to be the next Flyers captain. I think that he is very deserving of this honor for many reasons. Giroux works very hard both on and off the ice and has a tremendous work ethic. His play is an example to all of the other players. The question is, will he be able to lead the Flyers? My answer to that is “yes”. Giroux always sticks up for his teammates; he is not afraid of a fight and never backs away; and if the team needs him to perform (which they usually do), he always shows up on the score sheet whether with an assist or a goal. Chris Pronger, the Flyers last C, is a very different character than Claude Grioux. Pronger is more intimidating both in talking to the press and on the ice; but I still think that Giroux is a strong leader and will make a great captain. The key, in my opinion, is to lock him up to a long-term contract and I think that giving him the C might be even more incentive for Giroux to be a Flyer for life
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Right on about Giroux!
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