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Lucky Lunch - Take 1

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We all know hockey players are superstitious. And goalies are especially goofy. I'm a goalie in beer league hockey, and I certainly have my own little rituals and stuff before and during games.

As such, I will document my endeavor to find a game day lunch that brings a victory for the Wild that night during this playoff run. I recognize the responsibility I have in this process. Instead of running from it, I'm embracing it.

The menu for today:

The Vermont wrap from Devon and Blakely.
Whole wheat wrap
cheddar cheese (grated)
cream cheese
cranberry sauce

Miss Vickie's jalapeno chips

Diet Dr. Pepper

(sure, it's a little "I'll have an apple martini," but it IS April and I'm trying to shed the winter coat. Plus, it'll help me justify my in-game diet of fried food, red meat and beer/scotch.)
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