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Lucky Lunch - 3rd try

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Will one fan's search for caloric karma end in enlightenment, or a 3-0 series deficit?

Game 1

Main course: Don't remember.
Result: 2-1 loss

Game 2

Main course: terrible tex-mex.
Result: 3-2 loss

Game 3

Classic BMT (foot long)
Meatball* (6 inch)

Coca-Cola classic

*In high school, I "played" soccer. Poorly. But my buddy and I had a "lucky" pre-game meal of Subway meatball sandwiches with jalapenos. Weird? Yes. Tasty? You betcha. Lucky? Absolutely.
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April 16, 2007 10:40 AM ET | Delete
Time for the 3-martini lunch.
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