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"It's a great day for hockey!"
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Many people in the Hockey community are not aware of the tragedy that struck two St. Louis Blues fans and a future St. Louis Blues fan a week ago. As reported by the St. Louis Post Dispatch ( http://www.stltoday.com/s...7565001231FF?OpenDocument ), "a man and his pregnant wife were killed Saturday afternoon in a three-vehicle crash in the Pontoon Beach area. Illinois State Police said a drunken driver rammed the victims' car from behind and pushed it into oncoming traffic." According to the article, the couple were heading to Saturday's Blues game. What a tragedy to occur on what was to be a fun night out for the young couple.

After reading the paper on Sunday, I felt compelled to let the members of the Paper's St. Louis Blues forum know what happened and to provide a suggestion for the Blues, requesting that someone, perhaps the beat writer, pass the thought on to management. As usual, the Blues went above and beyond expectations in supporting their community.

My simple request was that the Blues offer a moment of silence before the next home game, honoring the lives of their fallen fans. According to fans who attended the remembrance services and are friends with the family, the Blues also called the family to offer their support and will provide team signed Jersey. They sent an arrangement that included a Blues posterboard signed by Andy McDonald and and a personal not from John Davidson.

I'm not sure if a member of the Blues staff saw my post, the beat writer had a conversation, or perhaps I just think like the members of Blues management. Frankly, the cause doesn't matter one bit. The important thing is that, hopefully, these gestures by the Blues have made even a slight difference in helping the families of the victims deal with the tragedy. We all realize that the gestures pale in comparison to the pain they are feeling but every act of kindness for these suffering people are the things that help make each day get easier.

Everyone hates seeing these things and the frequency of these tragic incidents appears to be increasing in the metro area over the last month. I implore all the readers of this blog to act responsibility and help prevent these senseless tragedies and help support the families so that they can find peace as quickly as possible.

I realize these people were not tied to the team other than helping provide support both financially and audibly but wouldn't it be something special if they Blues could make the playoffs this year, helping to honor the lives of this wonderful couple. I'm proud to be a supporter of such a class organization and management team and stand with them in offering support to these families in a very tough time.

Unfortunately on Saturday, it wasn't as great of a day for hockey as it should have been.

Denis Lemieux
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September 21, 2022 4:57 AM ET | Delete
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