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"It's a great day for hockey!"
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Update 2: STL Post Distpatch's Tom Timmermann is reporting that the Blues signed Scottie Upshall today to a two-way deal and that the Blues are interested in a deal with Gomez (ugh). NOTE that this leaves the Blues with 14 forwards INCLUDING Berglund who by all accounts has not been placed on Injured Reserve as of yet but he will be. Infer what you will but this appears to mean the Blues are holding a roster spot for Gomez.

Update 1: Rattie, Butler, Lindbohm and Paajarvi have been sent down. Butler and Paajarvi already cleared waivers so all can go down without risk of losing them to other teams. Parayko and Edmundson make the team.

As many outlets have reported, the Blues have some very difficult decisions in finalizing their roster for the 2015-16 season. Other than goalie, there appears to be a lot of competition for the final few roster spots.

In predicting the roster, let's start with the assumption that the team will carry 2 goalies, 7 defensemen, and 14 forwards. We also know that Patrick Berglund will be on Injured Reserve and thus won't count toward the roster. Let's also assume that Carl Gunnarsson will not be on Injured Reserve to start the season.

With those assumptions and the fact that Chris Butler already cleared waivers, I expect Butler to be the odd man out allowing Colten Parayko, Petteri Lindbohm, and Joel Edmundson to make the club. I think those three and to a lesser extent Robert Bortuzzo will rotate in and uot of the lineup with each playing 3 out of 4 games or so. Parayko and Edmundson have earned a longer look this year and Lindbohm earned some rope based on his play last season. If any of the three struggle with any sort of consistency, expect them to be assigned back to Chicago of the AHL and Butler recalled as all three are still waiver exempt. Of course, if Gunnarsson starts the season on IR, expect Chris Butler to remain and fill the 7th d-man role, seeing spot duty.

The forward situation was made a bit murkier by strong professional tryouts from Scott Gomez and Scottie Upshall and the continued development of Robby Fabbri. These three players plus Magnus Paajarvi and Ty Rattie appear to be fighting for the final three roster spots. I would place a health Las Vegas wager that the Blues sign Upshall and give him one of the three final roster spots. I also expect they will keep Fabbri up, managing his season so that he gets in 9 games, timing his departure to the OHL with Berglund coming off IR unless he performs above expectations. The last roster spot gets a lot trickier.

Do the Blues sign Gomez because they want MPS and Rattie (waiver exempt) to log big minutes in the AHL? Do they keep Rattie with the club and essentially rotate him with Fabbri in the lineup? If I was betting, I would bet on the latter.
In my scenario, Fabrri and Rattie split time in the lineup and Ott and Reaves split time in the lineup. Once Berglund is ready to come back, hopefully the players have decided the course of action through their play.

What the Blues won't do is keep Lindbohm, Parayko, Edmundson, Rattie, and Fabbri in the NHL press box for very long. They want all to play, play a lot and to continue to develop.

I don't know about you all but I am looking forward to the puck drop and getting to see Connor McDavid in person for the first time on Thursday. It's a great day for hockey.

ETA - Mike Weaver made it office and announced his retirement from the NHL. If you all want to wish him well, you can do so on twitter at @mikeweaver_43

Mike was a very reliable, underappreciated d-man who survived a long time in the league. Wishing you all the best in your next chapter.
October 5, 2015 12:28 PM ET | Delete
Fabbri would go back to Juniors, not to the AHL.
October 5, 2015 12:57 PM ET | Delete
Frank, thought his birthday was in December (he would be ahl eligible then).
October 5, 2015 2:02 PM ET | Delete
Message Posted
October 5, 2015 3:39 PM ET | Delete
bcalllaway, no message?
October 5, 2015 4:10 PM ET | Delete
October 5, 2015 4:31 PM ET | Delete
The message I was trying to send: I will puke if Scott Gomez makes this team.
October 5, 2015 5:42 PM ET | Delete
lol I like adding Gomez. His productin was solid last season. You have him sitting most games. Get players more ice time better for them to get ice time than sit. It also provides protection depth while you try out Fabbri for his nine games. If he does not look right then you are not losing much. He also is a winner.I like these picks. Albeit I want to know just how bad Magnus look to miss anther shot. The ther issue is some of these guys have to pass waivers again when recalled unless that has changed. This is not so bad. Hoefully Allen picks his play up and Elliott ges tradd opening up some cap space and Copely cmes up while Binnington gets games. I say that now but Elliott since he has been her has been a great start. Hopefully other teams do not notice this trend when his stock goes up and he gets moved.Both Blues goaltenders had below average svpct for goaltenders who started 40 games or more last season.
October 5, 2015 5:50 PM ET | Delete
Guru - no more re-entry waivers in this cba...When a player clears waivers and is sent down and then is called up again, he does not have to clear waivers to be sent down again unless he has played ten games or has been "up" for 30 days.
October 5, 2015 6:26 PM ET | Delete
October 5, 2015 6:26 PM ET | Delete
Message PostedI hate myhockeybuzz! Not typing that again.
October 5, 2015 6:27 PM ET | Delete
Yeah. The SQL database messes up a lot.
October 5, 2015 11:48 PM ET | Delete
Maybe Armstrong is watching the waiver wire as well. I have seen a number of interestng names across the wire. Mason Raymond, Tim Erixon, I know saw some others. Glencross but when two bottom half teams let you go then it is a pass.
October 6, 2015 12:22 AM ET | Delete
Linden Vey and Paul Byron. I wonder if any of these players have anything to do with the current problem of increased cocaine use among NHL players?
October 7, 2015 9:44 PM ET | Delete
Blue eat my donkeys balls
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