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"Us against the world!"
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Well folks just a week plus before the Devils finally open "The House that Marty Built" and let me tell you all, from the sound of things this will be a must see arena experience. Jeff Vanderbeek our newest and most pro-active owner ( since the good Doctor that is god bless his soul) went around the league and to ther places and found parts of other arenas new and old to incorporate in this building.

The best thing, and the thing that we have never had is Mass Transit Access, well let me tell you, this is easily one of the most accessible arenas you will find anywhere, not only served by rail lines that run from Maine to Florida and out west as well but a flight to Newark Liberty International Airport can end in a tram ride to the rail station and then right to Newark Penn and a block and a half walk to the arena. New Jersey Transit is already adding late night train service for game nights and there will be train ticket vending machines AND a Train Status Board IN THE ARENA.

However now we come to the tittle of this blog. Todays Star Ledger did a full article on the dining choices at the new arena, please allow me to provide you with the highlights....

Jimmy Buff's and Hobby's, as well as the Ironbound restaurant El Pastor, are among the Newark fixtures that will be featured at the new Prudential Center's "Taste of Newark" concessions area.

Fans at the arena's 350-seat restaurant, open to all ticket-holders, might feast on Thai salad, maple-grilled salmon, and filet mignon au poivre beneath elegant ceiling fixtures fabricated with silky red cloth and beside a towering, custom-built wine case that accommodates nearly 900 bottles. (There's an opening for an arena sommelier, if you're interested.)

The cuisine is seasonal American fare with a European flair -- simple, elegant and hearty, says Donald Burchell, Centerplate's executive regional chef. The buffet will be in the $35 to $40 range; a fixed-price menu should run $55 to $60.

Guests in the executive suites can dine on the Ironbound menu, featuring jumbo blue claw crab cakes with remoulade and a Spanish mixed grill -- $1,230 for 12 guests. Two small bars, the Ice Bar and Fire Lounge, on opposite sides of the ice, will feature 11 different stations, including a carving station, grill, and sushi bar, and gourmet soups from Newark's Daily Soup.

The arena also will offer burgers, hot dogs, pizza, Chinese food, sushi, Cuban sandwiches, empaƱadas and nachos; paninis are from Newark's Harvest Table, gourmet popcorn from Dale & Thomas, and Louisiana-style barbecue.

Now believe it or not folks there are some games that are actually sold out....shocking eh? However the Devils have also announced that they are withholding 200 seats in the $10 range that will be available only for game day walk ups and limited to 2 per purchase. So as the promotional video said last year (even though it was Gome$ ) HEY!!! MEET ME IN NEWARK!
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its really important for the location thats is the main reason the dome is good is because it is easy to get to by train . Great job sounds like the food is good.Flamestr
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