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"Us against the world!"
Elizabeth , NJ • United States • 34 Years Old • Male
This is not overconfidence....anyone who knows me knows i'm as nervous as they come till the final whistle blows but I think the Lightning are in real trouble and here is why....

The Lightnings best players have been thier best players all series and yet the series was still tied, the Devils best players hadn't really showed up yet. Well tonight the Devils best players showed up.....

Marty now has confidence, and that is a dangerous thing. He is now one win , and one shutout from taking a new spot in the record books. More importantly once he gets hot, he tends to stay hot.

In addition I believe Tortorella's game plan of playing his big three for big minutes is starting to come back to bite him. They looked tired, especially in the third period and now they have to come back on Sunday on short rest.....

My original prediction was Devils in 6, and that has yet to change.
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April 21, 2007 2:02 PM ET | Delete
Its pretty crazy that Brodeur would have to get his confidence back.. but I guess that happenes to even the best of us. Lighting may be in trouble though.
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