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"Us against the world!"
Elizabeth , NJ • United States • 34 Years Old • Male
Here is whats RIGHT.....the current and latest owner. Jeffery Vanderbeek has delivered on his promise, got a new beautiful building built that is the class of the NHL ( just ask anyone who has gone, rather than cower in fear at the percieved vision of what they think that part of Newark is like) I liked him from day one when he kept his regular season ticket seats in with the crowd (rarely sitting his owners box) and now that Barry Melrose saw fit to perpetuate the steriotype of how bad the area around the arena is (for the record MULTIPLE concerts and 4 games in and not one patron has had a crime commited against them)

Melrose's on air comments were "It looks great on the inside but don't go outside, especially if you got a wallet or anything else because the area around the building is awful." (for the record Melrose has NEVER been to the arena and drove through Newark once, several years ago)

The response from Mr. Vanderbeek?

"I think it's an incredibly uneducated statement for someone who hasn't been here," Devils owner Jeff Vanderbeek said. "It's like me saying I know what it's like to wear a mullet."

Now from someone who HAS been to the arena here is my tips:
1) Come see it, but do yourself a favor buy the best seats you can afford, they get tight near the top of the arena

2) Come early and walk around, there are several excellent ( AND SAFE ) bars in and around the arena that offer discounts on game days if you have tickets, My self and several other on here usually go to The Arena Bar a block past the Arena at 218 Mulberry St. here are others :


If your looking for a real good sit down place, and love all you can eat meats cooked over a flame on a spit i would recommend Iberia's

3)There are pleanty of Trains and its a safe walk from Newark Penn to the arena outside however if its cold, go up to Track 5 and take the Gateway Center's covered and temperature controlled pedestrian bridge with shops along the way. You will only have to walk outside for about half a block, and the folks at The Gateway Center have said they will keep the building and walkway open late on game nights and on the way home if you get hungry there is a Pizza and Salad bar joint along the way back to your Train

4) Speaking of which, look for the TV screens IN the arena, after the game they will display the Train Status Board from Penn Station, letting you know how long you have to make it back to Penn

Please feel free to email me or leave a comment if you have any questions and please, do yourself a favor and come watch your favorite team ( no matter who it may be) in this beautiful building, you will not be disapointed ( though unless youre a Devils fan i do hope you lose. )
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