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To many Leaf fans, this question has been asked TOO many times. The answer? Well, according to one Matt Stajan, "Stay home if you want us (the Leafs) to lose, just to get positioning in the draft lottery". Of course, there is some paraphrasing in that. I can't find the exact quote, but I saw it on TSN.

I'm one of those Leaf fans though. Why can't we just lose? Honestly, I'd this point, that's what I'd rather see. I mean, it's more realistic for the Leafs to finish last, then for them to mae the playoffs.

Well, then again. At this point, I'm not even sure.The Leafs "are only" 7 points back of Boston and Philadelphia for 8th. But, they've got those other teams to jump.

So what can you say of the Leafs? They're probably the most confusing team right now, especially for us fans.

Bottom line, I guess all of us will have to wait 5 Days, 18 Hours, 5 Minutes, 49 Seconds (time left when this blog was written), to find out how the Leafs season is really going to end up.
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