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Mississauga, ON • Canada • 16 Years Old • Male

My Speil/Opinions On The Leafs

Posted August 12, 2008
Let's start off with an introduction. I haven't been on this site, and posting a blog in a while. So, the name's Johnathan. I'm a 16-year-old highschooler from Toronto, Canada. I've probably already lost credibility in saying that, haven't I? Well, how's this one - I'm writing this blog in the middle of night, my head pounding while eating a bad of Lays potato chips (What ever happene... Read More »


Posted February 25, 2008
"Thanks for nothing Mats". WHATT?! I saw this yesterday right after Berger broke the news of Sundin's decision to not waive his NTC. Are you kidding me? You know what, no, obviously you aren't. You pathetic excuses for Lea-- no, hockey fans. How DARE you disrespect such a legacy like that of Mats Sundin. Seriously how about this. Thank you Mats for your hard-work and dedication to this franch... Read More »

Dont Wanna See Him Go.

Posted February 23, 2008
As the deadline seems to inch closer and closer, I seem to do the same towards Sundin. He has been a solid player throughout the season, as he has his whole career. Easily the Leafs best player this season. Arguably, the best all-time. He has set both NHL records, as well as franchise records with the Leafs. He has averaged over a point per game throughout his whole career. Tonight,... Read More »

Why Can't They Just LOSE?

Posted February 20, 2008
To many Leaf fans, this question has been asked TOO many times. The answer? Well, according to one Matt Stajan, "Stay home if you want us (the Leafs) to lose, just to get positioning in the draft lottery". Of course, there is some paraphrasing in that. I can't find the exact quote, but I saw it on TSN. I'm one of those Leaf fans though. Why can't we just lose? Honestly, I'd this point, that's... Read More »

First Time Blog - SUNDIN

Posted February 19, 2008
Yup, I've decided to stop posting random BS on other boards and voice my opinion out here. In this deep, dark world known as hockey blogging. Anyways, HUGE Leaf fan. HUGE hater of all the good teams. Good teams, being those better than Toronto, or basically, 28 teams. So, heres my rant about the Leafs. And what I feel they could do. Sundin. That's it. The blogs done. All I need is that name, a... Read More »


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Michael Peca, Darcy Tucker. In your face, but small. Gritty, but can score goals.