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"Thanks for nothing Mats". WHATT?! I saw this yesterday right after Berger broke the news of Sundin's decision to not waive his NTC.
Are you kidding me? You know what, no, obviously you aren't. You pathetic excuses for Lea-- no, hockey fans. How DARE you disrespect such a legacy like that of Mats Sundin. Seriously how about this.

Thank you Mats for your hard-work and dedication to this franchise.

Thank you Mats for sticking with this team through thick and thin.

Thank you Mats for dawning the blue and white for 13 (hopefully more) years.

Thank you Mats for representing those colours 9 times at the NHL All-Star game.

Thank you Mats for putting up with not winning a cup for your whole career, to stay
with us.

Thank you Mats for being as loyal as possible for this team.

Thank you Mats for leading us to the playoffs 10 times through your career.

Thank you Mats for leading us to the Conference finals twice.

Thank you Mats for leading us to first place in the conference in 1999 - 2000.

Thank you Mats for playing for us even though we could never find you a suitable winger.

Thank you Mats for being the least-maintenance superstar in the NHL.

Thank you Mats for playing your butt of, night in and night out.

Thank you Mats for doing so, even while trade rumours (involving you) were swirling.

Thank you Mats for not waiving your NTC, because you felt it wouldn't be right to win a cup with a team other than the Leafs.

Thank you Mats for wanting to retire a Leaf.

Thank you Mats for breaking franchise and NHL records while wearing out sweater.

Thank you Mats for scoring your 500th goal as a Leafs.

Thank you Mats for being a future HoFer, most memorably as a Leaf.

Most of all, thank you Mats for showing us who the real fans are around the league. The ones who accept and congradulate your decision to stay. Maybe, if you stay next season, you can score your 1,000th point as a Leaf.

Thank you Mats, for being the best their can and may ever be as a Leaf.
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