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Mississauga, ON • Canada • 16 Years Old • Male
Let's start off with an introduction. I haven't been on this site, and posting a blog in a while. So, the name's Johnathan. I'm a 16-year-old highschooler from Toronto, Canada. I've probably already lost credibility in saying that, haven't I?

Well, how's this one - I'm writing this blog in the middle of night, my head pounding while eating a bad of Lays potato chips (What ever happened to the Messier commercials?) and drinking Red Bull.

Anyhow, onto... business?


Oh lord, I said it. Sundin. Everyone, hate me now! Okay, sorry, but that's just the feeling I get when I hear/read that name. A Leaf hero, now under mass-scrutiny from all NHL lackees. Everyone has been watching, and has been in on, his every move. It was originally reported that half the NHL was in on him, then he was a sure-fire signing by the Habs. That fell through, and he went into July 1st an UFA. Again, half the NHL was suddenly on him.
We are now, what, almost half way through August and Sundin is still an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, shrouded in mystery. It has been speculated that he will become a Leaf. And almost confirmed he will be playing this season.
Give me a break! And you Packers fans thought you had it bad? At least Favre's situation was resolved quickly. All I can say, is I'll be glad when it's over, but right now, I just couldn't care less. If he's a Leaf, he's a Leaf. A Hab, a Hab. A Blueshirt, a Blueshirt. We'll end up reacting to that if/when anything happens.

Fletcher's Job So Far

I am actually quite impressed with Fletcher's job, but at the same time, dissapointed. So far, he has taken two steps forward by dumping Tucker and Raycroft, but two back by signing a couple gambles. Hagman is somewhat proven, and Finger, I beleive, will flourish quite better than anyone's expecting.
His dealing with the Sundin situation is horrible; as posted by Howie thousands of times. And, up until a couple days ago, the McCabe situation was all but interesting. Now that McCabe is ready to give Fletch a window, I'm extremely curious to see how it unfolds.


I like this whole situation, a heck of a lot more than that of Sundin's. McCabe has now confirmed with his agent that he will give Fletch a window, and make a list of teams to be traded.
Now, this is merely speculation, but this is what I'd like to see happen. McCabe to L.A. I think McCabe could use L.A. and visa versa. Here's why:

- McCabe is a veteran, left-handed D-man (which as Andy Johnson stated, L.A. needs).
- He is also a proven leader, having captained the Blackhawks. The Kings' captaincy remains vacant, and with a group of young guys, I think it'll be best for McCabe to lead them.
- He has a MONSTER contract, and the Kings still need to hit the cap floor. A 5mil contract can help, no?

Now what Toronto would get in return is hard for me to think of. Toronto would simply be unloading a contract, and L.A. will be getting a player who virtually fills all of their defensive/cap needs. I doubt we'd get any young prospects. If anything, I'd like to see Patrick O'Sullivan in the blue and white, and he is currently an RFA... but it's unlikely.

The Captaincy

With Tucker traded, and if McCabe is gone, and Sundin isn't returning, it leaves us in a jam for the captaincy. A lot of people would be quick to say "KABERLE". But hold the phone. Kaberle is a soft spoken guy. Sure, he may have leadership qualities in minor aspects, but the main point of cpatincy is to be vocal. You need to be outgoing towards refs, and outspoken in the locker room, when your gang is being outscored 5-0 going into the third. Kaberle is NOT one of those guys. He is going to be an Alternate this season.
Stajan has also been thrown out there; which is respectable, as Sundin has often said he would make a great captain. Yes, he would, just not now. He hasn't worn an 'A' his entire NHL career... maybe start him off with that, see how he handles THAT pressure. I think he should be given an 'A' this season.
Kubina has also been said to be a candidate. Hey, that's not a bad idea. But he has only spent a couple seasons with the Leafs, and I haven't exactly seen him as a captain-like player. But hey, he should get an 'A'.

WAIT A SECOND. Three players, three alternates... HOLY BOLOGNA. What a concept, have three Alternate captains this season! This has been rarely discussed. Since/if the three players mentioned at the beginning of this segment are gone, we have no real captain material for this season.
Or how about we make like the Wild, and appoint captains monthly? We could start with Kaberle, then Kubina, then Stajan, then Moore... etc.

Just some food for thought.

Well, that's basically all I have on the Leafs so far. I would write about the young guys/prospects, but I'll save it for another blog.

Johnathan James.
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August 12, 2008 10:28 AM ET | Delete
I think unloading Tucker was a mistake, especially with him on the payroll for 6 years. Tell me in the 6th year after we've seen how Tucker played in Colarado if you're still happy about him being on payroll when he could of been gone 3 years earlier. As for McCabe, I think the odds of him being willing to go to L.A. is remote at best. And if he did go to LA I think we'd be getting Handzus back, not a chance in O'Sullivan or anything good. McCabe will want to go to a contender, by the time LA is a serious cup contender McCabe's contract will be up. And for the Captaincy, I'm not a big fan of a rotating Captaincy or being Captainless for a year, a team needs a leader. A agree that I'd prefer the leader to be vocal, but I think Kaberle deserves it more than anyone, doing anything else is a slap in the face to our only all-star calibre player. I agree the Stajan and Kubina deserve the 'A's. I'm surprised nobody mentions Antropov though, as much as I dislike Antropov and think he should be traded while he's healthy. But I'm surprised he isn't being mentioned for an A as hes supposedly the offensive leader on the team now. If Carlo could stay healthy I'd consider him for leadership too.
August 12, 2008 11:01 AM ET | Delete
I wouldn't count on any "NHL ready" player coming back in the potential McCabe deal. I have no doubt that he could still be a great asset to any team... but the manner in which this trade soap opera has transpired has only served to decrease his market value. The victory for the Maple Leafs in this potential trade would be dumping McCabe's contract.
August 12, 2008 12:01 PM ET | Delete
Not so sure OilDerek, I think whatever team he goes to, the Leafs could get a contract the other team wants off the books as well. I could see Handzus's 4 million a season for his aweful play is probably soming Lombardi wants gone and something a team likes the leafs could afford to put in the minors. However I doubt that scenario would be the leaf's favourite idea.
August 12, 2008 12:44 PM ET | Delete
The Leafs are making a mistake giving McCabe away. He does not have a 'Monster' contract.....anymore. Initially, yes - but the market for defencemen has passed it by. He is still the best defencemen (all round) on the team and as mentioned by Berger today - he makes Kaberle a much better player. Witness his play the last couple years while McCabe was out with significant injuries. McCabe is offensively gifted, has a solid transition game and makes the first pass very well, is decent defensively, and competes very hard every night. Does he make visible mistakes once in a while...sure, but so does everyone else. The anti-McCabe sentiment in Toronto is a media-generated perception that unfortunately Leaf Nation has bought hook, line,
August 14, 2008 9:54 AM ET | Delete
Unleading Tucks WAS a mistake i think. The guy was hurt last year and thats it. He still has at LEAST 3 years in him i think and woulda been great in the room. BUT, it does go with Fletchers plan to wipe the slate clean.On the C, I have as well mentioned Matty's name.... in hinde sight, I fully agree with you, 3 A's is definately a much better way to go with this bunch of youngsters... Good blog. keep up the good work.-Wilts.
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