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A Random Vacation Blog

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I'm on vacation right now, if you didn't figure that out from the title. There is zero Sharks news as of the moment so I decided I'd throw a bunch of random thoughts out. Forgive any grammar and spelling errors, I'm using one of those newfangled iPads.

- Linus Omark, as it has been reported a few days ago, is going to make a case for himself on the Oilers roster this year, or Oklahoma. I have to say I'm shocked that he went back to Edmonton after the last year or so that he's had with the organization. I thought for sure he would be wearing a different uniform come October. I think he could shock the Oilers and their fan base this season with a a highly productive stint in Edmonton if they so choose to keep him there. Hemsky and Omark are a pretty talented third line, if it ends up that way.

- I can't believe that Nazim Kadri isn't signed yet. The Leafs are surely benefiting from a reduced cap in regards to negotiations with Nazim. While offer sheets are rare, they are even more rare when barely any teams have the space to do so. My thought? Kadri thinks he's worth too much, and good on Nonis for not giving in. Unlike Uncle Lou in New Jersey, Nonis decided that he wants the kids to prove himself beyond one good season, a trend that all GM's should get on board with.

- I had a conversation with a Florida resident today about hockey. He told me that he's worried every day about the Panthers relocating because of the lack of support, but was quick to mention that the fan base is similar to Phoenix in the sense that they need a winner. The Panthers fan also said he hopes that the league, and the Panthers ownership, rides out Tallons plan to build a competitive team so that people have another option besides the Miami Heat to see during the winter months.

- That conversation got me thinking about relocation and the teams that are most likely to pack up and leave. My top three are:

Phoenix(in five years when the option is available)

- That also got me thinking about Euro expansion, like Ek mentioned a few days ago. I think the only way this works is if there is an entire division overseas that allows a full division to travel over for a months worth of games at a time. Even still, I think it is further away than than the suggested five year thought. It's not as easy as saying "let's go to Europe". That being said, I think it's definitely going to happen at some point, even if it fails miserably and the teams return to North America.

- On the Sharks, I'm gradually getting concerned over the cap space issue. Without a trade, it seems the obvious option is to demote Hertl to place Havlat down on the LTIR. That would then allow them to bring him back up, along with other players, and start the season compliant. I would rather see them make a deal to acquire something another team is looking to get rid of as a project. I think the Sharks have a system in place that would get maximum value out of a few players.

That's it for now, just quick post. I'm in Disney World right now if anyone is around and wants to talk hockey. I'm more than happy to if you're here and need to think about ice in the warm weather.

Thanks for reading!

Stay icy, Sharks fans.
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August 29, 2013 11:57 PM ET | Delete
For my teams sake i hope florida does not build a winner... Lol.. I am also shocked at linus omark signing with edm but idk if he really had a choice since edm didnt trade his rights..
August 31, 2013 8:00 AM ET | Delete
interesting article on slava fetisov, what he is doing oversees and his global dreams http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Hockey/News/2012/11/09/20345171.htmlenvisions a "an annual showdown between the Stanley Cup and Gagarin Cup champions for the world bragging rights"
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