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Let’s get one thing straight: the Carolina Hurricanes goaltending has been putrid.

The Canes poor netminding is the number one contributor to their position as only the final wildcard spot. That’s right – the Hurricanes should be higher. So let’s take a look at how to fix that problem.

Out of 50 goalies who have played at least 500 minutes at 5v5, Scott Darling ranks 8th worst with a 91.23 save percentage. Cam Ward is 26th worst with a significantly better 92.57. There are options to replace both of these travesties for the Hurricanes, though.

At the top of the list are backups Carter Hutton (2nd) with a 94.44 in 14 games. Anton Kuhdobin (3rd) with a 93.96 in 14 games and Tristan Jarry (9th) with a 93.21 in 14 games.

The cost to acquire backup goaltenders isn’t going to break the bank – that’s especially nice when you’re a team like Carolina and won’t have to give up any top-flight prospects to fill a gaping hole on your roster.

I’m not going to speculate on what the Hurricanes would offer for any of the three, but I’ll make a case for all three options.

Hutton: The Blues are in a position to make a deal for a roster player that can contribute to scoring goals on a depth level. They’re a team with a real shot to come out of the West that could use a small boost and appear to have significant confidence in Jake Allen moving forward in goal. He's a more temporary fix given his age.

Kuhdobin: The Bruins are playing great possession hockey again, which is the top reason they are where they are in the standings. Tuuka Rask is under contract for three additional years. They also lack depth scoring and are owners of an aging blueline. Carolina can fix either problem.

Jarry: This one is tough because it’s in-division. That said, I hate the narrative that in-division trades shouldn’t happen. Get the best deal available. Pittsburgh lacks forward and defensive depth. Carolina can address either issue for a goaltender that doesn’t fit in the long-term plans with Matt Murray ahead of him.
All three of these goaltenders would give Carolina an equal or better chance to win hockey games with little impact for cost.

The bottom line is that the Hurricanes can ride out a poor shooting percentage, because that’s bound to increase to a standard middle-ground. They can’t hold out on poor goaltending getting better when there’s no worthy historical trend to support it.

Carolina simply can’t waste being the leagues best possession team because they won’t pull the trigger on a goaltender. Debate, discuss, and call me stupid.
January 7, 2018 7:48 AM ET | Delete
Goaltending has been the number 1 problem for the Hurricanes the last several years and looks like it may keep them out of a playoff spot this year. Cam Ward may be a good number 2 goalie but just doesn't have the skill as a number 1. However, I am not sure that any of the three teams mentioned in the article would be willing to give up their good backup goalies for little return. The Canes need to trade for the best available goalie and send Scott Darling to the minors as soon as possible to avoid another season without making the playoffs. Ward can fill the role of a decent backup goalie. I will be calling the GM stupid and not you if this is not done quickly.
January 7, 2018 3:56 PM ET | Delete
Its gotta be coaching and staff. They need to evaluate the goalie coach. Darling wasn't that terrible. But Chicago has a better system. Canes need to fix there defensive system.
January 7, 2018 7:05 PM ET | Delete
Nice comment, cbcibrant, I agree fully. Ward is a better option right now and he's played significantly better than Darling to no reward.
January 8, 2018 11:40 AM ET | Delete
There is one other problem, if you bring in one of the ones you mention, do you carry 3 tenders? Do you send one down (open to a waiver call). Now the way he is playing I don't see anyone picking up Darlings contract should you waive him to the Checkers, but I'm not sure if Carolina would go that route.
January 8, 2018 8:01 PM ET | Delete
Scott Darling was terrific with the Hawks, whose goalie coach, Jimmy Waite, was instrumental in his development.
January 17, 2018 4:02 PM ET | Delete
.925 is bad?
January 26, 2018 2:11 AM ET | Delete
I think if you waive Scott you'll lose him, are they ready to lose him for nothing ? They should just ride Cam Ward and hire a goalie coach and see what happens. Scott may pull it together yet.
January 26, 2018 2:11 AM ET | Delete
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