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Yes, it's trade deadline day for the Sharks too, even though you'd never know it by reading the main blogs here. I digress with my disappointment.

I'll update this post when I can with fresh information.

**Update 1:04 pm EST**

All is quiet on the trade front for the Sharks. The Setoguchi play is still out there, but it seems to me that San Jose isn't interested in shipping out depth to get depth.

The 3pm EST deadline seems to be where all the action will end up transpiring today. The logjam pieces are slowly starting to give way, opening up the door for more deals.

Congrats to Ottawa on getting Hemsky for nothing, Yzerman for turning a 38 year old baby into something and the Edmonton Oilers for suiting up the women's national teams tender for practice today, their 108th goaltender of the season.

**Update 9:46am EST**

With regards to the Setoguchi talk, Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press has suggested that the rumor out there as of right now is Setoguchi and Chris Thorburn to San Jose for Tyler Kennedy, James Sheppard and Adam Burish.

Last night David Pollak reported that Burish isn't going anywhere, so take this for what it is. Personally, I think it's a waste of a deal for the Sharks. This deal does nothing but hurt the Sharks depth in the bottom six group.

Back with more when I have it.

Devin Setoguchi

All was quiet on the rumor front until reports came out that San Jose and Winnipeg were getting cozy talking about a potential return to the Bay Area for Devin Setoguchi.

The rumor is still there, it hasn't been quashed, but there aren't too many details floating around other than there were conversations.

Dan Boyle

David Pollak from the San Jose Mercury reported yesterday that Dan Boyle is not in play, per his agent, and has not been asked for a list of teams. That settles that. Seems like Boyle isn't going anywhere and the Sharks will likely seek a one year extension for the aging vet.

The market hasn't been that great for sellers thus far so it's not a shocker that Boyle is still in teal. I'd be willing to bet some feelers were put out there to gather Boyles value, but were reeled back in when the return wasn't worth the Sharks while.

Tomas Vanek

This was an interesting name that popped up yesterday around the Sharks, but Pollak has since shut down that rumor as well, saying there's "Nothing going on with Vanek".

I can't think of a good reason why the Sharks would want Vanek. He's wildly disappointing and severely overrated, in my opinion. Couple that with the fact the Sharks don't play a Vanek-friendly system and you've got a recipe for disaster. I vote to stay away from the overpaid European.

Martin Brodeur

The big rumor was that a deal was in place to see Marty shipped out to Minnesota upon completion of last night's game.

Not the case.

The Wild picked up Ilya Bryzgalov earlier in the day and put an end to the Brodeur-to-Wild rumors. Shortly after that, reports came out that Brodeur gave Uncle Lou a list of "8-9 teams" he'd OK a trade to.

You have to believe that San Jose is on that list, simply by process of elimination. Remember, you need 8-9 teams on the list.

I'm not convinced the Sharks need help in goal, considering Niemi does a more-than-fine job in the cage and Stalock has been impressive in his limited workload this season. With the Blues picking up Miller it has since sent some beads of sweat down the brows of the Hawks, Ducks and Sharks management groups so it wouldn't surprise me to hear Brodeur to San Jose talk come up at some point today.

Thanks for reading, and check back throughout the day.
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Niemi does a more-than-acceptable job in the net, and Stalock has been good in his limited workload this season, so I'm not sure the Sharks need assistance. The major buzz was that Marty diamonds rings for cheap would be sent to Minnesota after yesterday night's game if a deal could be reached.
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