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Well I am going to start off by introducing myself to the hockey world. I am JDawg and a huge hockey fan, and if there is something that I thrive on it is this time of year. Today I want to talk a little bit about the oilers, now just after reading eklunds blog i understand that there might be some big moves made this year for KL, now as much as I at times dont agree with eklund i think he had a point. After a year where they only won one out of the final 20 games they are going to have a hard time bringing a huge free agent back. If your a player in the east like one of the tampa bay stars do you want to go to a team that is the pits? of course not, other then smyth I think there would be a big problem bringing a new guy in from free agency. I also read there was a far out rumour that jagr would come into canada for the first time in his career. wow! i think i crapped myself when i heard this, could you imagine him coming. of course not, although it would be an interesting adjustment it would be a little like joe sakic going off to play in atlanta. Far off but who knows. I could see kariya coming and possibly the oilers trading all 3 of their 1st round picks and picking up also seasoned veteran wade redden. I heard this rumour from a fellow hockey source out in ottawa.

Even if ottawa wins the cup they have such a strong core on defence and they figure the cost of redden would sky rocket. Now he is no pronger but he could fill the slot of go-to man. Unfortunatly he hasn't been in such a position as in the times before Chara. He would spice up everybody's life in edmonton, with laddy smid, jason smith, steve staios, and and up-in coming tom gilbert they might have a solid core. But enough about edmonton I want to shift over to the here and now.

I of course beleive the Ducks will win the finals in 5 games, but this doesn't leave any excuse for calling out getzlaf after game 1. Carlyle is a great coach and is awesome in bringing guys out, but it was harsh in saying that the only reason that he was the first star was because his dad picked the stars, which was untrue. For all you coaches out there reading this, the way to spark a player is not be humiliating him in the biggest games of their career.

Well that ends my rant, but another coming tommorow. Have an awesome weekend and remember to keep your head up.
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