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Finally the Oilers got it right!

Posted January 14, 2008
The Oilers lately have reminded me that I should not lose faith. The Oil are continually proving me wrong. Last night against the Flames, the Oilers put up a very impressive victory. They played a flames team that is virtually unstoppable on the road. Hemsky was outsanding, Score-coff continues to dominate, and a revived Dustin Penner is finally worth his weight. He has really started to not only... Read More »

Oilers Spark Some Life

Posted October 26, 2007
Wow, just when you think that the Oilers are down and out, and they bleed a little, they come out strong. The game last night against the Minnestoa Wild was great. Very fast paced, and very competative, something the Oilers really haven't been. In watching the last period in the Avalanche game on tuesday, I saw a flicker of life in the Oilers, they played great and showed great ability, and in the... Read More »
That is a question that all the oiler fans have and are starting to maybe even change their answer. Kevin Lowe is an amazing GM, and honestly the things he has done for the organization is pretty sweet, but not trading any of the first 3 picks of the draft for roster players might have been a great idea. Look at it, he might still make a deal, and sources all around edmonton says that there is... Read More »
Well I am going to start off by introducing myself to the hockey world. I am JDawg and a huge hockey fan, and if there is something that I thrive on it is this time of year. Today I want to talk a little bit about the oilers, now just after reading eklunds blog i understand that there might be some big moves made this year for KL, now as much as I at times dont agree with eklund i think he had a p... Read More »

About Me

Favorite Teams

I would have to say most favorite teams are the edmonton oilers, anaheim ducks, and the new jersey devils.

Most Hated Teams

I despise the Calgary flames, the dallas stars, and the toronto maple leafs.

Favorite Players

I have a couple top players, the first being ales hemsky. Followed by mike morrison, marty brodeur, jason spezza, mike peca, and paul kariya

Most Hated Players

I have to say that darian hatcher, dereck boogaard, fernando pisani, marty turco, and eddie belfour.

Best Hockey Memories

I think my best hockey memory was watching the oilers in the 2005-2006 season go from being a number 8 seed in the conference and watching them beat the best in the west, the top scorer that season, one of the best defencemen, and taking the hurricanes to 7 games.

My Hockey Teams

Edmonton northern All-star team

As a hockey player, I compare to...

I would have to say I would compare to a Paul Kariya, I am small but more then make up for it with my speed, and I can score not only with one shot but I can beat you on the second and third attempts.

Favorite HockeyBuzz Bloggers

I would have to say I very much look up to eklund. He has some great writing techniques and always gives reliable tips. I also enjoy Dan tencers blog because not only am I farmilar with him we seem to share the same views on a lot of teams and players.

Favorite Websites

Hockeybuzz.com, nhl.com, hockeytraderumours.com