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Oilers Spark Some Life

Posted 12:50 PM ET | Comments 4
Wow, just when you think that the Oilers are down and out, and they bleed a little, they come out strong. The game last night against the Minnestoa Wild was great. Very fast paced, and very competative, something the Oilers really haven't been. In watching the last period in the Avalanche game on tuesday, I saw a flicker of life in the Oilers, they played great and showed great ability, and in the Minnesota game the chances they had were solid, and they capitalized on them. The veterans, really stepped up as well. The speed and power was great, Raffi Torres was my player of the Game, the guy has really stepped up his game, I dont know what kool-aid he is drinking but whatever it is, it is working. The level of play was high, and they fought hard to the end. So a good, win, but they need to keep it up, if the ever want to contend in a brutal conference, and division. Ales Hemsky, my hero, has also really seemed to look confident, is he deserving of the "A" in my opinion yes, i know I cant compare him to crosby, but really looking at crosby and hemsky. They are in the same boat, players, coaches, and fans look up to them and expect them to lead. 2 goals 5 assists and a hug shoot-out goal, has lifted him. Horcoff also suprised me last night, the guy who has been challenged to be a number one center has come out strong. Trade rumours are floating around about this guy, but this is one of the last true "oilers". He has great chemistry with Hemmer, and he seems to be comfortable and relaxed in his game. His one goal was off the butt of an opposing player, but who cares? Nobody wants to know how pretty it was but just that it got in. So overall in a 5-4 game, everyone is just happy to see a W in the win column. Next game is against the Kings, and I would expect Garon to get his third start of the season. Tommorow I will talk a little about Vancouver and Detroit and their succsess or lack there of. Anyway until then have a good one, and kids remember to keep your heads up
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October 26, 2007 2:11 PM ET | Delete
Edmonton played well throught most of the Colorado game and although they folded in the Calagry game when Calgary got it's 3rd goal, I still theink they were playing well then too. Of course, went the results isn't a W, fans just assume that they must all be playing poorly.ps- Don't ever compare Crosby and Hemsky. It's just asking to be pile on.
October 26, 2007 5:59 PM ET | Delete
I was taking you serious until the hemmer crosby comparison. Ouch.
October 26, 2007 6:40 PM ET | Delete
It's nice to see the Stoll looked a lot more like his old self last night too. he didn't make the score sheet but was offensively better and played a strong defensive game as well.ccomparing Hemsky to Crosby is like comparing a mustang to a ferarri, both cars are cool, but the but what looks better in your garage?
October 27, 2007 2:01 AM ET | Delete
I understand the Hemsky Crosby comparison. I believe what he's trying to get across is they're both in the upper echelon of the league. Every non-Oiler fan loves to put down Hemsky all day long, but if the Oilers offered to trade him to your team, you'd want to jump all over it. I for one agree whole heartedly that he's not where I wanted him to be by now, but he's got nothing but time and room to grow. Besides, he undressed the best defense twice last night and left Harding so mystified that he scored the shootout winner without even touching the puck!!! I kid, I kid! In all seriousness though, I challenge any GM to look K-Lowe square in the face and say he's not interested in Hemmer!
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