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The Bruins have made resigning 36 year old veteran Jarome Iginla a priorty over other FA's including: Krug, Smith and Bartkowski. Jarome Iginla signed a deal worth 6 million with incentives last season. Needless to say, he fit the Bruins perfectly. He and Patrice Bergeron both had 30 goals, the most on the Bruins. However resigning Iginla before young talent would be a bad move.

The Bruins have 9 million in cap space. With the need for two right wings and someone to back up Tuukka Rask plus a pair of defenders to sign, focusing on a 36-year-old forward who may only be here for one more year is not a smart move. Instead of throwing money at Iginla a fading star, It should be going to a rising star, the player who led our team in scoring during the playoffs, Torey Krug.

Last year Krug had the most points out of any Bruins defensemen. He also had the third best plus minus at 18, below Chara and Boychuck. He had 14 goals and 26 assists. Torey Krug will get better we can't say the same about Iginla. Joining Krug as a FA is Reilly Smith. Smith acquired in the Seguin-Dallas deal had his first full NHL season was this year, and he posted great numbers proving he should be someone we prioritize over Iginla. Smith had the same amount of assists has Iginla at 31 he had 10 less goals at 20, and a plus minus of 28.
Another FA is Matt Bartkowski. He had 0 goals 18 assists and a plus minus of 22 in 64 games. Obviously Bartkowski isn't as Important as other FA's. I think the Bruins should sign him to a 5 year or more deal that's cheap so if he does have a breakout season it does't hurt cap space.

Ideally we could sign all of them but we don't have the cap space. We might be able to shed some through trades but I think money could be better used then on Iginla. The point of this was not to rip on Iginla he had arguably the best season of any Bruin, It's just the Bruins should focus on young players then sign him with the left over cash.
June 24, 2014 10:42 AM ET | Delete
He isnt so important so you should sign him to a 5 year deal? omg..If Boston only have 9 mil i cap space then there should be some fireworks at the draft to unload some space.
June 26, 2014 11:22 AM ET | Delete
100% agree...I would LOVE to see iggy come back, after all i think that 30 goals was more than what any bruins fan though we would get out of him. However, with little wiggile room under that cap, if getting Krug and Smith locked up long term means letting iggy go, i guess i could learn to live with it. Krug was a rare find and smith was a gem as well, not bad for a "throw in".
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