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The Bruins have been virtually non-existent during this off-season. We have signed a bunch of useless depth players who will hopefully never have to play a minute during the season. These signings have left us with around 3m left in cap space. This is barely enough to sign either of the top 2 priority's , Krug and Smith. The worst part about that is if you can only sign one of them you're kind of forced to sign Smith because if you don't you don't have a first or second line right winger. The problem with signing Smith instead of Krug is Krug will be better in future years except we need right wingers. You could say you they can sign 1 year deals for cheap and cash in next year , but the problem with that is next year you're gonna have to pay them more than you would this year. In my mind these players are the future of our team that's why we need to sign them to a long term deal now.

Sadly, due to Jarome Iginlas bonus laden deal we do not have the cap space to sign both of them. If we want to sign them to five year deals which I think we should we would have to give them 3 to 4 million dollars per year. Which we just can't do. You could trade Kelly for a draft pick freeing up 3M dollars in space putting us at 6m. That might just be enough to sign them. After that we still have a gaping hole at third line right winger after you move Erikkson up. Plus 6 million might not be enough to sign them. Now you're forced with having to move one of your players to free up more cap and get a third line winger in return. The person that comes to mind is Johnny Boychuck. You could do something like Boychuck for Jurco or Boychuck for Hansen. That frees up enough cash plus gets you a third line winger in return.

The Bruins need to let some players go even if it makes their team worse for the next season or 2 as long as it allows them to keep their young stars. Such as Torey Krug. We need him for when Chara retires
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July 22, 2014 9:29 PM ET | Delete
Krug to replace Chara.....really?
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