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weston, MA • United States •
The Bruins are in cap jail! Sadly this isn't a game of monopoly there's no get out of jail free cards. You need to give something up to get, and that something is 30 year old Johnny Boychuck. With Boychuck is the second most expanable player on the team with a contract above 3m. The First is Kelly Who should be dealt fairly soon. Anyway back to Boychuck. The influx of NHL ready defesemen on the Bruins roster make Boychuck very expendable. Also It is very unlikely that he gets signed next year when he hits free agency because so does Hamilton Soderberg and Krejci all of whom should be prioritized over Boychuck.

Assuming Kelly gets traded and we sign Smith and Krug with free cap space from a trade from Boychuck and Kelly. We still have 3 roster spots needed to be filled one at third line right winger.Boychuck needs to get traded to free up cash and fill that gaping hole on third line. Possble returns on Boychuck are Jurco or Hansen. Someone who's cheap but still a good third liner. The thing the Bruins need to know is you have to give someone up to get out of the cap situation and that someone should be Boychuck.
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