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I know what every bruins fan is thinking right now, when are we going to make a move other then signing unnecessary depth players such as Caron. There are two reasons we should have never signed Caron. 1st is Why would we want to keep Caron he has done absolutely nothing for us. 2nd is why would he want to stay in Boston where he has proven he hasn't reached his full potential as a first round pick. Wouldn't he want a new start somewhere else. However there is one reason we would have signed him, a trade

Think about it we played him in the playoffs to try to shop him. One more reason to think a deal is coming together is Bartkowski. He has proved absolutely nothing to us. Yes we saw him improve last year but in 84 NHL games he is yet to have a goal. Why would we sign him when we have Warsofsky and Trotman who could both play next year instead of Bartkowski and save the team about 800k dollars in cap hit. With the situation were in wouldn't that make more sense to do that, so we can actually resign Smith and Krug. It's because these two players are both getting dealt somewhere.

We have a gap at first line right winger which we can't fill in free agency. So the only way to get a first line right winger is to trade for one. We could move erikkson up to the first line but then we will still have a gap at third line right winger. Possible people for return at either of these positions would be Evander kane or yakupov. To get either of them we would have to give up one or more of: Boychuck, Kelly or Marchand, as well as Caron and Bartkowski

It doesn't make any sense to sign any of the players we have unless it is for a trade. That's why I think the Bruins are working on a trade involving Caron and Bartkowski
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