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"McGuire/Lebrun...Pierre Squared"

Top Available Tenders

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Tim Thomas, Ilya Bryzgalov, Ray Emery. Under talked about and under appreciated potential difference makers in net for many teams. All three of these tenders could use a nice change of scenery, or if re-signed they need a confidence boost from their respected teams. These guys have potential to carry a good portion of the game load serving as back-up for any team, or they all have experience as starters if they get the call.

The Washington Capitals will sign a goalie before the draft. They only have Holtby as of right now, that's it...no decent prospects. Any one of the three previously mentioned goalies would work for the Caps, even if they're just a one season rental.

Also look for Niklas Backstrom to be moved out of Minnesota while they can get some decent loot in return, especially if Breezy re-signs. They have Kuemper and Harding (when healthy), two solid tenders for the franchise.
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