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"McGuire/Lebrun...Pierre Squared"
The Leafs adding David Booth was a great success. T.O. needed another left winger, and snagged a decent one at a very modest price tag. Admittedly, Booth struggled to produce with the Canucks, but if he can reach the stats he found during his time with the Panthers he can be a dangerous player for the Leafs deep into their line up.

Reimer re-signing,especially with the money he got, is just asking for another mediocre season. Carlyle is a tough coach, and Reimer made it clear last season that he has an issue with Randy's coaching style. The end of season losing streak Toronto put up is the fault of the entire team, however Reimer was the last line of defense and cracked under the pressure. Optimus Reim needs to transform into a good goaltender, or the Leafs need to ship him out while they can still get something for him with Reimer becoming a UFA at the end of this two year extension.
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