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"McGuire/Lebrun...Pierre Squared"

Booth = Plus...Reimer = Minus

Posted July 26, 2014
The Leafs adding David Booth was a great success. T.O. needed another left winger, and snagged a decent one at a very modest price tag. Admittedly, Booth struggled to produce with the Canucks, but if he can reach the stats he found during his time with the Panthers he can be a dangerous player for the Leafs deep into their line up. Reimer re-signing,especially with the money he got, is just ask... Read More »
Nikolaj Ehlers is a great young, proven skilled player who can play in the North American style of hockey. Ehlers aside from having proven independent skill, he's a great team player and a winger to boot and a left winger at that. He thrived on the Halifax Mooseheads playing with talent like Nathan MacKinnon and Jonathan Drouin. He could easily fit in on a third or even second line with his playin... Read More »
The obvious choices for Ryan Miller are the Pittsburgh Penguins and Anaheim Ducks. The only issue with Miller going to the Pens is his asking price, so a solid second option would be Hiller. The Capitals are in need of another tender, so which ever goalie the Pens don't go with between Miller and Hiller watch for Washington to try and court them to their team. Penguins would be missing out big... Read More »

Top Available Tenders

Posted June 21, 2014
Tim Thomas, Ilya Bryzgalov, Ray Emery. Under talked about and under appreciated potential difference makers in net for many teams. All three of these tenders could use a nice change of scenery, or if re-signed they need a confidence boost from their respected teams. These guys have potential to carry a good portion of the game load serving as back-up for any team, or they all have experience as st... Read More »
Spezza will be on the St. Louis Blues for next season. Look for a return of Derek Roy and a 2nd round draft pick with a prospect in return. Spezza will fit in extremely well with the offense in St. Louis. Kessler is in the cross hairs of Anaheim, and the Ducks wont let any other team snag him without having a good back door plan to add forward with heavy fire power. Thornton will either stay... Read More »


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