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"McGuire/Lebrun...Pierre Squared"
The obvious choices for Ryan Miller are the Pittsburgh Penguins and Anaheim Ducks. The only issue with Miller going to the Pens is his asking price, so a solid second option would be Hiller. The Capitals are in need of another tender, so which ever goalie the Pens don't go with between Miller and Hiller watch for Washington to try and court them to their team.

Penguins would be missing out big time if they can't come to an agreement with Matty Niskanen. That being said, Dan Boyle would be a good rental for their season to add more depth. Niskanen may find himself offers from teams such as Montreal, Tampa Bay and Florida.

Stastny would be out of his mind to not re-sign with the Avs, even for just a short term contract, with the improvement the team has made over the last season and the direction the team is going in.

Cammalleri doesn't seem to fit the pay scale for the would be rebuilding Flames. The Wings will be in need for a "younger" player to replace Legwand (who shouldn't be back) and if Alfredsson isn't swayed to resign for another season. Cammalleri is a capable role player if injuries plague Detroit again.

Speaking of the Red Wings, Markov can be swayed to join the team with fellow Russian Pavel Datsyuk lobbying for him. Oilers may make a charge for Markov with the amount of UFAs and RFAs.

Look for interest from Florida in both Bolland and Jokinen to help with their rebuilding. Luongo is going to want a decently improved offence scoring to offset the aging d-men in front of him, for at least this upcoming season.

The recently bought out Brad Richards should be receiving interest from the Sharks if one or both of Thornton and Marleau are moved. Throw Jokinen in this mix here too in the event San Jose ships out two players and has cap space.

Word on the street is Koivu is not going to be given a contract with the Ducks. So keep your eyes peeled for a Koivu bros reunion in Minnesota.

Thomas Vanek is a little bit of a wild card. Him signing in Montreal at the trade deadline was not where everyone predicted. That being said Ottawa will need to bolster their roster if Spezza gets traded. Vanek could be a nice complimentary, fast-paced player for last seasons sub-par performance of Bobby Ryan.
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Miller is a cunt. He would fit in with the rest of the pussies in Pitt.
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