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What do the Bruins do now with their D-Core....

there's a couple options they have, some of them however make us Bruins fans a little nervous.

1. Stay Status Quo: With the number of bodies they have signed the Bruins could leave things status quo and see if the group of young guns can do. that would leave Chara, Seidenberg, Krug, Mcquaid as 4 of the top 6 leaving K miller, Trotman, Irwin and Morrow to battle for the last 2 spots. I left Collin Miller out of the equation as hemay spend the year in Providence learnig the systems and getting some good reps to prepare for the full time jump to the big club next year. They also need to have some defense talent in the AHL to make sure Subban doesn't get creamed all year. This option is the one that makes most of us a little nervous as you can see that's not a strong group of bodies.

2. trade Seidenberg and Kevin Miller: It's pretty well known that the Bruins like trotman and morrow and want to get some good looks at them. irwin can easily pencil in on the 2nd or 3rd pairing with the departure of seidenberg. this would leave them a gap to A) Sign a free agent or B) Trade for a top 4 dman. most of us probably like either scenario as it moves an ageing seidnberg and frees up 4M in cap space. the problem herein lies with the options...

the bruins have been linked to talks with Franson/Erhoff but could potentially sign Zidlicky as well. 1) Frason: Probably the best UFA fit for the bruins as he's under 3o, a RH shot, moves the puck well, gets good pts, eats big minutes and can be used on the PP. On a deal of 4 years depeding on the money he's not a bad option.
2) erhoff not a great option for the B's as he's battled a serious amount of injuries and is in the back 9 of his career. Bruins have 2-3 veteran types already and have super injury prone mcquaid, so erhoff is not the solution.

3) Zidlicky is also coming closer to the end of his career but still plays a meaninful role and is a RH shot. on short 1-2 year cap friendly deal I could see this working as well.

the other option is trading for a top 4 dman but the B's would likely have to give up a fair amount for that to happen. Here are a few names the B's could make a move for: Seabrook, Yandle, Josi, Byfuglien, Shattenkirk

leave your thoughts in the comments below, thanks for reading....
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Dougie Hamilton?
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I think the elephant in the room in Boston is Chara, his age, and his cost to the team. I know Chara has been considered the heart and soul of this team, but loosing guys like Lucic and hamilton and holding onto the old Vets is assbackwards IMHO. The Canucks are in the same place with the Sedins. Calgary was until they got rid of Iginla.But good blog, I really hope they catch a winner with one of the firsts they took this year.
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I see a rebuild on the way. Getting rid of their best asset in Hamilton made it clear to me that they are more focused on the future than the present. They are currently not a very dangerous team, and should stockpile prospects and draft picks. I expect them to hang on to Pasternak, Rask, and Krug. All other players outside of prospects will be fair game at the trade deadline.
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if the bruins could somehow get hamilton and boychuk without giving up roster players they would have one of the best defenses in the league
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