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O Say, Can You Sing?

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Congratulations Sabres! What a thrill to hear the spectacular voice of Ronan Tynan before the Sabres/Rangers game on April 27. We don't know if he has opened any games in this current series. If he has, we haven't heard it. Why not? Through the whole long season the team owners and broadcast cognoscenti have seen fit to torture us with countless other so-called singers who make us scramble for the mute button.

If we are going to watch professional hockey players then let's have a professional production from start to finish. In all of North America there must surely be more than a few vocalists with both voice quality and artistic talent. But what do we normally hear? Almost invariably, we are treated to a parade of no talent, tone deaf hacks who think they can sing the national anthem - any national anthem. Those of us who appreciate top quality music as well as top quality hockey plead with you. Stop torturing us with all the over-the-hill lounge singers - especially middle-aged women who think they look young when they dress like teenagers. Get rid of the old baritones whose vibrato has unfortunately deteriorated to an uncontrollable tremolo. And tell everyone that dirge tempo doesn't set the required high-action mood - even if it does give the performer more camera time.

If the NHL wants to increase viewership in the future maybe they can strike a deal with American Idol. Make all the contestants sing the national anthem before a professional sporting event. Just don't send us William Hung.

Volare! Cantare! Go Wings!
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