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The NHL will open up NHL Center Ice Online FREE on Monday, and plans to show most teams pre season games live.. and FREE via the web. Most teams with their own video channel on their web site should have direct access to the center ice online channel during the preseason to catch preseason games for free starting Monday!

(its free for the preseason only.. so no you cant skip out on the 150 bucks for the tv version come october)

Theres 1 step in the right direction in getting hockey out to the masses early.. and FREE!

Starting Sunday you can register at: http://www.nhl.tv/team/console to access the freeview of center ice online with your teams pre season games live.. You just have to select your team from the dropdown menu on the top to access your teams specific video files and, the center ice tab will give you access to the preseason games when live. The first games go live on Monday.
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