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"Behind your Isles News!"
Well see how long you 2 last in the playoffs.. Your disasater of penalty calls and bogus goal calls against the Islanders, and turning your back on Sabres penalties, you have only you 2 to blame for the onslought of garbage you two got hit with in the last minute of the game. Its a simple thoguht.. either call the Campoli play, or don't call the Robataille play.. By ignoring 1 play over the other, you got yourselves drenched in garbage for your 4 blind mice attitude the entire game...

Hey Gary Bettman.. you were at the game tonight.. you have the power.. now bench these 2 clowns..

The 4 Strikes from the Refs:

1) Miller takes too much time - Ok so you got hit by a puck in the helmet twice.. so what.. stop stalling.. those fast whistles are especially pathetic when the Islanders had possession of the puck. If you can't take a puck to the head, don't be a god damn goalie!

2) The Phantom Double Call - A High Stick , fine, but why are you from the other end of the ice calling a slash.. how the hell can you see a slash from the othe end of the ice, plus, where is this slash you speak, we sure as heck didn't see one..

3) The Phantom Goal Call - How is it that after all the fast whistles you give Miller, you let a pileup in the crease occur, and then to top it off, award a goal on a play you can't see the puck cross the line, you the ref standing right there did not call it a goal, the goal judge did not call it a goal, yet somehow those sore losers in Toronto want to find a way to make it a goal.. Hey.. prove its a goal.. show the fans at the game proof.. the no video replay for the fans only made them madder!

4) Late Game Penalty Calls - Why are you calling penalties on the Isles late in the game, while ignoring all the blantant infractions the Sabres were pulling off. That Garabage shower was your own fault!

The Garbage Shower/End of Game Insider Video:

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April 17, 2007 2:51 PM ET | Delete
For starters, there is no excuse for raining that stuff down on the ice. Fans in the front rows were getting pelted with nearly full bottles. One of the linesmen was hit just below the eye with a coin. The blame for the onslaught of garbage rests fully with the security (or lack of security) crew in the arena. I agree that the calls made were not consistent, but it's still no excuse. I sure hope Ted Nolan and the coaching staff isn't taking the same approach you are (for their sake). I think they have more important things to worry about, like how the team only managed 2 shots over the final 20 minutes when they're down by a goal. I'd be interested to hear your reply when you get home from school today.
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