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Ode To The Rumor

Posted 10:30 PM ET | Comments 1
Oh, the rumor,
My lonely friend,
I have sought you out,
Asked for your truth,
And it came to an end.

You are a myth,
You are the sunset,
You disappear,
Only to come back again,
My only summer friend.

Unfortunately, real hockey does not exist right now, not for those of us that bleed our colors through the winter in a dance with the worlds most beautiful game. Our longing, our suffering, creates this mystical creature that we call "the rumor".

We seem to owe much of this teasing, prodding, and pushing, this maddening obsession with a fragment of truth we tell ourselves is "possible", to the one blogger that rules them all...the one blogger that finds them...the one blogger that brings them all in...and in the madness binds them!


In all seriousness,
Thank you Per Eklund.
The summer just wouldn't be the same without you.

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I had to have at least one comment.
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