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"Skating fast is one thing, playing fast is another, our guys can do both."

Ode To The Rumor

Posted July 25, 2017
Oh, the rumor, My lonely friend, I have sought you out, Asked for your truth, And it came to an end. You are a myth, You are the sunset, You disappear, Only to come back again, My only summer friend. Unfortunately, real hockey does not exist right now, not for those of us that bleed our colors through the winter in a dance with the worlds most beautiful game. Our longing, our suffer... Read More »

The Leaf Dilemma

Posted June 10, 2017
This is my first blog here at HockeyBuzz, so let me quickly introduce myself. I love the Leafs. I also love the game of hockey. Yes, I've played, and yes, I watch, just like many of you, but I would like to write with a style that encourages debate and discussion...if that's possible. I believe that your opinion is only good if you can defend it, and "throwing" your opinion to the wolves i... Read More »


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