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Back To The Old NHL

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The day started off very slowly and at 1:48 Bob Mackenzie broke the huge signing of Todd White to the Thrashers, not the start everyone expected but that was one of the few reasonable signings made. I guess everyone decided to go jump into their time machine and go back to July 2002 when big deals were being handed out left right and center, and I am afraid thats where we have headed once again.

Daniel Briere - Phi: $52 Million/8Yrs

Scott Gomez - NYR: $51 Million/7yrs

Chris Drury - NY: $35 Million/5 yrs

The Daniel Briere deal was fair value in terms of annual average at $6.5 Million thats average for what the superstars make, but the problem with the deal is the term 8 years a lot can change in 8 years, and to also give him a no movement clause you cant do anything with these guys, You cant even yell at those guys. 8 years was way too long should have done 4-5 years.

Scott Gomez is way overrated he only plays 2/3 season because he injured, scores 60 points, in contract year, and ends up with $51 Million deal for 7 years, works out to $7.25 Million/yr, Gomez is not with more the Daniel Briere. Gomez is $5 Million player tops he shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath as Briere, Thronton, Iginla, Vinny. The New York Rangers over paid for Scott Gomez, this is the "Bobby Holik Deal" of 2007.

My biggest fear when we had the lockout was that 2 or 3 years after the CBA was signed we would be right back where we were in terms of salaries, but at least this time around their is some health to the game, more then what there was under the old CBA, but we have reverted right back to where we were, big salaries and terms being handed out to anyone who can hold a stick, and can stand on skates. Their is too many big contracts being handed out. you cannot have 1 guy eating up 10 or 15 percent of your cap, its just not feasible to do that. Hopefully for the rest of the free agent period teams clean up their act and realize the mistakes that have been and start offering short terms and less money.
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Owners are their worst enemies 88
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