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Ray Emery Show

Posted 1:32 PM ET | Comments 3
Ray Emery was sent home from Ottawa Senators practice this mroning, just heard this on Hockey Central at Noon. I will update this story as I find out more information on it, updates will appear at the bottom of this page.

Update 12:40pm

So as it turns out Ray Emery wasn't feeling well showed up 5 minutes before they senators were supposed to practice and informed the coaching staff that he wasn't feeling but still wanted to practice, the coaching staff sent him telling him to go look after himself.

I think there is more to this then what we are seeing. Ray Emery is a constant distraction he has a poor atitutde, showed up late for a team flight during the playoffs. He has always had a reputation for being a bit of a hot head, yesterday at practice he threw a water bottle, and then tossed a stick into the stands.

Ray Emery has not been happy this season since losing the starting job to Martin Gerber, he is starting to display frustration and showing a lack of work ethic. He is often the last guy on but yet the first guy off. It has become very evident that this now Martin Gerbers team, and I think the Ottawa Senators are getting sick of Ray Emery and his antics. If Emery keeps this up he will eventually start to harm the team, the team needs to address this situation quickly.

"If he was our number one goalie right now and we lived and die by him then it would be a different story," said Alfredsson. "We'd expect more from him at all times. Gerber is our goalie right now and I think Ray's mission right now is if he wants to get back in it he's got to show the coaches he wants to do it. That's where we are at" - Daniel Alfredsson Ottawa Senators Captain

This quote by Daniel Alfredsson makes me believe that they are sick of Ray Emery and his antics on and off ice in Ottawa, I think it is only a mater of time before somthing is done about it. Generally speaking you wouldn't hear this sort of statement from Alfredsson, he is usually very careful with his words when talking about teammates, this also gives further reason to believe that there is more to this then what the Senators PR staff is saying.
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December 28, 2007 1:37 PM ET | Delete
Just heard on radio that Emery came into practice 5 minutes before it starts... He was late for practice since he was supposed to be on the ice in 5 minutes... Coaching staff would have told him "You're late, go home"Heard on CKAC
December 28, 2007 9:54 PM ET | Delete
Please do not write anymore blogs about the Ottawa Senators. Stick to the Leafs. They deserve crappy blogs that no one needs to read.
December 28, 2007 10:02 PM ET | Delete
We could go on to lose 7 in a row again, or we could keep up the nice pace we're on - either way, this Emery thing is NOT a distraction to guys like Spezza, Heater, Alfie, Fisher, Vermette, Kelly, Phillips, Volchenkov, Redden, Corvo, Meszaros and Gerber. They'll keep playing, and hopefully they'll keep playing hard. It's neither here nor there to them what Emery does in practice.
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