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"Unbiased Observations on the Predators"
Nashville, TN • United States • 42 Years Old • Male
So, I just watched what was quite possibly the worst hockey game I have ever seen in my life. The LA Kings just crushed the Preds 6 - 0. Thats right. 2 field goals and a shut out. I don't know where to begin, so I will break it all down.

Goalie - I am not going to say that Chris Mason has to shoulder the load for this team, but every time a hockey team goes on a winning streak its normally due to the goaling stepping up and inspiring the team. Well, we aren't getting anything to be inspired about. Somehow, Mason/Ellis needs to find a way to pull some magic out of their butt or else this team is going to go down faster then the titanic.

Defense - Oh where should I begin. Does the word horrible come close? Not in this case. If there was an award for the team who gave up the puck the most on their end of the ice, the Preds would in hands down. And I can't even single in on one player who is the cause of it, although someone does need to remind Ryan Suter what color jersey his teammates are wearing. There were stretches of the LA game where I swear the LA players were having a picnic in front of our goal. Anyone who thinks the lost of Shea Weber isn't hurting us should watch this game and see how our lack of size is killing us. We don't have anyone who can move people out of the front of the goal, which is killing us considering teams are throwing shots at us every opportunity they can get hoping for rebounds. Which they are getting. So bad passing, getting manhandled in front of the goal, lack of urgency, lack of toughness, lack of team work have all plagued our D lines.

Offense - Ugggggggg. So we have been outscored 12 - 1 in our last 3 games. Now the box score says we had 17 shots against LA, but I honestly couldn't account for more then maybe 3 of them. I think the scoring official was being generous with our shots. Again, bad passing is a major part, but I didn't see a Pred player in front of the net against LA the entire night. Well, unless you count the players that were caught behind the LA attack heading towards mason. Our problem from last year has manifested itself into almost a virus on the team. Last year we passed way to much, but we had 2 of the greatest passers of all time in Forsburg and Kariya, so we were able to get some good shots on goal after those passes. This year, our extra passes are going to to the OTHER team. I won't accept that there hasn't been any scoring opportunities. I won't take away from how LA played, b/c they played great. But its almost like the PREDS are afraid to shoot. And in the event that someone actually does throw up a surprise and shoot, there isn't a pred player within 10 feet of the net to pick up any possible rebounds. We were chasing after the puck like a bunch of sissy's and were getting checked all over the place. Totally embarrasing all around.

Coaching - Now before I start, I will say that I think that coach Trotz has been the best thing for our organization for years. But my patience is wearing thin. If the players come out and throw up a crappy game one night, thats OK. You go back, look at film, chew a little but, and correct it. Maybe the next night, its a new set of issue. But I am seeing the same things over and over, night after night. Bad passing, lack of shots, no forechecking, not intensity, no urgency, lack of teamwork. Continues issues such as these are a coaches responsiblity. He has to resolve them. Its really too bad we couldn't send the entire team down to our minor league team for a week and call up some of our Milwaukee players. At least we would see some fire in their belly's and on the ice. And if it continues, I will have to start questioning coach Trotz's ability to lead this team.

Summary - Right now we suck and have to be the laughing stock of the NHL. This sucks on so many levels as I fear of what impact it might have on our already fragile situation with the selling of the team. Getting fans into the seats can't be done with the way this team is playing hockey. And its too bad b/c the 2 shouldn't be tied together, but they are. We need a hail mary pass to jump start this organization. Otherwise, I say fire the coach, trade for draft picks, and start over next year.
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