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Bowmanville, ON • Canada • 21 Years Old • Male
Chris Drury - Will Sign in Either Philadelphia or the Rangers, outside chance of ending up in Edmonton. (JOCUs Prediction: NYR)

Daniel Briere - Like Drury, will either sign in Philadelphia or Rangers, has a shot of signing in Montreal. (JOCUs Prediction: MTL)

Ryan Smyth
- Look for him to head north of the Border to Toronto or Calgary, failing those 2 cities, heading back to the Islanders look plausible. (JOCUs Prediction: TOR *Fingers Crossed*)

Scott Gomez - Another Center for teams like the Flyers and Rangers to sign. Possible to sign with Edmonton. But could go anywhere, will get TONS of offers. (JOCUs Prediction: PHI)

Paul Kariya - Look for him to either head north of the Border to Vancouver/TML, but more likely to end up in California in LA. (JOCUs Prediction: LAK)

Jason Blake - Will test the open market, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him back in NYI. (JOCUs Prediction: NYI)

Brian Rafalski - Lets be serious, his price will be to high for any teams to be seriously interested in, will likely resign in New Jersey for less then predicted. (JOCUs Prediction: NJD)

Michael Nylander - Very interesting as he could go to any team that loses the 'Drury-Gomez-Briere Sweepstakes'. Most recent Bottom Dwelling teams will try to pick him up (I.E. Phoenix, Philly, Chicago), but could end up back on Broadway, Also a team that may loose their top centers to Free Agency would love to pick him up (Buffalo, New Jersey). (JOCUs Prediction: NJD)

Sheldon Souray - He has already bought his plane tickets for Southern California, I mean come on, get serious, he will end up in San Jose/LA/Anaheim (if S. Neidermayer Retires). (JOCUs Prediction: SJS)

Slava Kozlov - Could be a steal for any team that lands him. He will end up on a team like Detroit, Toronto (If they don't sign a Smyth-ish player), or back in Atlanta, he loves playin with Kovalchuk. (JOCUs Prediction: DET/TOR)

Well thats my Top 10.

Here are my Winners and Losers of July 1st.

New York Rangers
Toronto (*Fingers Crossed*)
Los Angeles

New Jersey
Nashville (They are falling apart)
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