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Bowmanville, ON • Canada • 21 Years Old • Male
As a Maple Leafs and Red Sox fan, as well as a Packers observer, this summer has been extremity stressful when it comes to my respective teams fan favourites.

I pose a question to all of you, not only hockey fans, but sports fans in general. With Ramirez being sent to L.A, Favre heading to Jersey, their shenanigans have been resolved, but Sundin's has yet to be.
My Question is: Between Mats Sundin, Brett Favre, and Manny Ramirez, who is currently sports biggest 'Drama Queen'?

Is it because of Sundin's indecisiveness?

How bout Favre's shenanigans in Green Bay? How will his arrival affect the Jets?

What about Manny being Manny and leaving Boston the way he did?


Here are some 'Drama Queen-ish' quotes to help you in your decision:

MATS SUNDIN (J.P. BARRY) - "The longer it takes, who knows?" "He's avoiding a Favre-like mistake by taking his time."

BRETT FAVRE - “All I was saying is you know I'm thinking about playing again ... If I'm going to play it's going to be 100 percent commitment ... And so if you move on, you tell me one thing, don't come back and tell the public, ... just say it. 'You know, we've moved on and we'll work with Brett on whatever it is.' Don't make up a lot of stuff or give half of the truth."

MANNY RAMIREZ - "Enough is enough. I'm tired of them. They're tired of me," "They'll say whatever they want. But when it comes to making a deal, they're not going to pull the trigger, because they know what they've got here."

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