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"My thoughts on the Ducks"
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Eklund's UFA Rankings

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So Eklund posted his updated UFA Rankings... I wanted to take a moment to comment on the ones pertaining to the Ducks.


2. Teemu Selanne (Retire, Anaheim, Philadelphia, Montreal)

He is either retiring or returning to Anaheim no other options... Selanne is a man of his word and if he says he's doing something than he's doing it.

13. Robert Esche (NY Rangers, San Jose, Anaheim)

Unless Burke is thinking of Esche as a backup for our ECHL affiliate (the Agusta Lynx) we don't need him and don't want him.

14. Jeff Friesen (Anaheim, Pittsburgh, Florida)

I would hope Burke isn't thinking third time is the charm because in his two previous stints with the Ducks, Friesen has proven himself to be a worthless NHL player... I wouldn't even play him on our AHL team (the Portland Pirates)...

15. Sean Burke (NY Rangers, Anaheim, Dallas)

If I were Burke I would take a chance on Burke. Yes, he's old, but I think he has one season left in him... I saw him play with the Kings last year and think he would be a good goalie to have, in case of an emergency or if Hiller doesn't play well after Bryz is traded. I would sign him to an AHL contract.

That's it for now... I'll continue to post my comments on things pertaining to the Ducks as I hear them or see them.

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