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"My thoughts on the Ducks"
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Selanne to stay Retired

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Things are looking up right now in Duckland. The team won last night in San Jose, Ryan Getzlaf is emerging as a leader, Corey Perry surpassed his career high in goals, Bobby Ryan scored again, Scott Niedermayer has returned from his semi-retirement and there are even rumors that Teemu Selanne is skating again in preparation for his return to the Ducks.

While most Duck fans believe that Teemu Selanne will delay his retirement and return to the Ducks for one last season; I no longer agree with them. Therefore, listed below are my top 3 reasons why I think Teemu will retire and I hope you find them insightful.

Time off - Teemu is 37 years old, and returning to the ice after a six month lay-off will be hard for him, especially getting back into game shape. Yes, he has been working out and he has done it before (he was able to do it after the lock-out), but that was two years ago and most people considered him washed up at the time.

Image - Will a comeback tarnish his image? That depends on how he plays. If Teemu is able to put up big numbers while playing in only half a season (20 goals and 20 assists) people will not question his return. If Teemu has a disappointing season, like the one he had in Colorado before the lockout, fans will say he should have stay retired.

Andy McDonald - The impact of the trade of Andy McDonald to St. Louis for Doug Weight will be felt by Teemu Selanne. In McDonald, Teemu found a player, very similar to Paul Kariya, whom he had a great deal of success with. Teemu Selanne had 88 goals and 96 assists over the past two seasons while playing with Andy McDonald.

Over all, I believe that the trade of Andy McDonald will cause Teemu Selanne to seriously question his return to the Ducks (He's not going to sign with a different team). His linemate is gone and Teemu now needs to seriously consider whether or not he will have the same chemistry with anyone else on the team. Once he realizes that he wouldn't have the chemistry he will start being concerned about his image. Teemu always wanted to go out on top and what better way is there than your last game being the one in which you hoist the Stanley Cup.

Let me know what your take on this is. Do you agree with my thoughts or do you think I'm way off based and that Teemu will return?

On a side note, Teemu has been my favorite NHLer since he joined the Ducks in 1995 and I will miss watching him play.
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