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"My thoughts on the Ducks"
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Today on the Hockey Hall of Fame's website the Stanley Cup Journal was updated with a story on Teemu Selanne and his day with the Cup. Well more precisely Teemu's 48 hours with the cup.

Kevin Shea, author of the journal made sure to touch on the issue that every Ducks fan and hockey fans around the world wants to know. Will Teemu hang up the skates or will he come back for one more season?

The celebratory crowd at Rautatientori Square in Finland's capital chanted "One more year! One more year!"

The undecided star responded with "Some days, I feel like coming back for another season," "Other times, I don't."

Teemu has always shown himself to be a man of his word. In fact, years ago he promised a group of friends that if he made it to the Stanley Cup he would bring them to see it, and true to his word he brought those friends to Anaheim. Therefore if he says he hasn't made up his mind yet we should take his word and accept the fact, that the wait for a decision continues.

On a personal note, I hope Teemu comes back for another year because he is my favorite hockey player and I would love to see him play another season. The Ducks are a much better team with the Finnish Flash on the ice.

What do you think? Is Teemu coming back or is he going to hang up his skates?

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August 14, 2007 9:52 PM ET | Delete
I am 'cautiously optimistic' that we will get not only Teemu, but also Scotty, back for at least some part of next season. One or the other or both may not start the season, but may wait until midway through to join the team for the playoff push. I may be kidding myself, but I just think the competitive side will take over, and they'll come back to defend their Cup win.
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